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Before getting my Cat’s Meow toy I wanted to see if I could find the Cat’s Meow toy Wal-Mart. Earlier I mentioned that I am sometimes a bit hesitant to order things online. I really wanted the Cat’s Meow toy and that was why I checked to see if I could find it in stores before I placed my order from the official website.

The first place that I went to check for the Cat’s Meow toy was at Wal-Mart. The reason I went there first was because has a large selection of as seen on TV products and there is an isle specifically dedicated to those products.

When I got my local Wal-Mart I was really excited because I was hopeful that I would find the Cat’s Meow toy there. I went straight to the as seen on TV isle and scoured the isle. I checked the isle a few times, moved other products that were on the shelves around and looked at all of the tags on the shelves to try and find Cat’s Meow.

Wal-Mart did not have any Cat’s Meow toys there in the as seen on TV section. I was really disappointed because at first I thought there would be more benefits to getting my Cat’s Meow from the store. I wanted to see what the Cat’s Meow toy was like and not have to wait for shipping. But just because I didn’t find the Cat’s Meow toy Wal-Mart didn’t meant that I didn’t get everything that I wanted from the official website.

So, I went back online and checked around at a few different website and found that the Cat’s Meow toy official website carries the best offer for the Cat’s Meow, which was surprising to me. After doing the math and comparing between different websites Cat’s Meow official website has the best value and offer.

What I got when I placed my order from the Cat’s Meow site was a Buy One Get One free deal. I love BOGO deals because that usually means that I am getting more for my money. Plus, Wal-Mart would not have offered a BOGO deal on the Cat’s Meow if I found it there.

Having two Cat’s Meow toys is great because both my cats like to play with the Cat’s Meow. Sometimes they will play with their own Cat’s Meow or they will share one. Having two gives them the opportunity to play more and not share if they don’t want to. So the BOGO deal was really important to me.

So the two Cat’s Meow toys that I got only cost me $20. I was really impressed with the price as well from the official website, especially seeing now how durable the Cat’s Meow toys are.

I also got a 30-day money back guarantee from the official website as well. The 30-day money back guarantee was most important about my order from the official website. The guarantee allowed me to try the Cat’s Meow risk free for 30 days. I knew that 30 days was plenty of time for me to be able to see how my cats would react to the Cat’s Meow and to test the quality of the product.

I recommend the Cat’s Meow to every cat owner because it is a great way to get cats to play, to release pent up energy, and to exercise. The Cat’s Meow toy is a toy that all cats love because it is in their nature to play cat and mouse. I hope that my review has been helpful so far.

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