Cat’s Meow Review

I hope that by making my own Cat’s Meow review that I have been able to help answer questions about the Cat’s Meow toy.

The reason that I got the Cat’s Meow toy for my cats was because my cats were getting really destructive and I needed something that would help to curb their destructive behavior.

My cats mainly got destructive while I was gone during the day at work. They hated being left alone and took it out on my furniture. I was so frustrated because my couch, desk, coffee table, and book shelf had chew and claw marks all over them.

At first I was beside myself and had no idea how I could curb this behavior because I wasn’t home to stop them from doing it. I did a lot of research about how I could help my cats. Everything that I read said that my cats needed to release their energy and to have something to entertain them. They were basically acting out because they were not getting any attention and had nothing to do.

So my first attempt to curb my cats’ bad behavior was to set up a play area for them. They wound just destroying that too. It only worked for a little while.

I found the Cat’s Meow toy official website and I knew that I wanted to try it out because it seemed like the perfect solution my cats boredom.

What I like most about the Cat’s Meow toy is that is geared to my cat’s natural instincts. Playing ‘Cat and Mouse’ is what my cats love to do, and all cats are like that.

The Cat’s Meow toy works by having the mouse attached to a motor underneath a rip-stop nylon yellow material. The motor goes in circles around and there is a little tail that sticks out to make it seem more like a mouse.

The Cat’s Meow toy is able to keep my cats entertained for hours because the motor randomly switches directions and speeds which makes it unpredictable for my cats. They are never able to guess what the mouse is going to do next.

I was at first worried that my cats would rip the material or that the mouse would get destroyed, but it hasn’t. The material is really durable and has lasted with my cats playing with it (which is saying a lot because they used to destroy things with their claws). Even when my cats catch the mouse it slips out from under their paws and keeps them playing.

Because my cats are able to play with the Cat’s Meow toy four hours it has been a great way for them to release their energy. They no longer feel the need to destroy other things in my house because the Cat’s Meow toy is an outlet for them to use their natural instincts and to use their pent up energy.

I recommend the Cat’s Meow toy to every cat owner because it is a durable product that can be used for all cats. I hope that my Cat’s Meow review is helpful to cat owners.

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